Strategy on the Store Floor

Retail Transformation Design

Thematix has developed a specialized set of services, designed to help modern retail business cope with the advance of technology and with shifting demographics, which are challenging a business model that is hundreds of years old. We augment the Thematix core staff with professionals from the National Retail Federation’s Advance Retail Technologies (“ARTS”) division.

You need us if:
  • Your IT projects do not deliver customers or revenue, or cut costs.
  • Your business is simply not keeping pace with advances offered by new technology.
  • You are uncertain how to marshal your organization and technology to seize upon Unified Commerce opportunities. Or, you may be uncertain how to project your brand, persona and story in an eCommerce environment.
  • Time-to-value and time-to-market are essential to you, and rapid, nimble response to markets and competition is an imperative.

We enable your strategy to drive technology for business success. We build a blueprint of your business to show you how technology-driven change can enhance your business instead of disrupting it.

We show you how to diagnose and solve the problems you may have in executing strategy. We work with your team to create and guide initiatives that produce business value. We help you develop these architecture capabilities as a competency within your own business. This gives you certainty in an uncertain environment and difficult growth path.

We connect strategy to action. We document your strategy and align it with the initiatives that are causing you headaches. We use proven tools for benefit assessment, organizational impact, root cause analysis and business and technology requirements.

We use proven, best practices techniques. As the diagram shows, we use Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Maps to establish priorities, metrics, strategy and objectives; Business Architecture to map strategy to your essential business capabilities, organization and information architecture; and ARTS® Process and Data standards to model how your strategy will play out as technology.

We provide a candid, outside, expert view of your initiatives’ progress and develop measurable key performance indicators. We are enablers. We leave behind architecture capabilities with your team, and can train staff in strategy, business architecture and ARTS modeling.

Whereas others sell “solutions.” We sell knowledge. We focus on business results, not technology installations. We offer a unique, custom “full stack” approach, rendering high-level strategy as low-level design. We have a toolbox created over 20+ years that can streamline your path to business enhancement. We are architects of change, and are more focused, better coordinated and can provide more targeted answers than big 8 consultancies.