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Tools for the Business Strategist. Thematix provides the executive with powerful tools for modeling the business as a system, and by so doing, scope and measure business objectives and initiatives, articulate and clarify requirements and frame information technology solutions.

Thematix was founded in 2011 to bring together the best minds in semantic technologies, business and information architecture, and traditional software engineering, to uniquely address practical problems in business operations, product development and marketing.

When you work with Thematix, you work directly with principals, rather than associates or understudies. These are people at the top of their field in the realms of knowledge representation, business strategy and architectural modeling. As a consequence, you and your team arrive at better answers, faster and with greater certainty and higher quality.

Ontology Training

From our famed “Ontology 101” course to deeper topics having to do with machine learning and neural networks, we can help your company to develop its own semantic technology capabilities. We cover a wide range of topics, from the business case for semantics, to ontology engineering for knowledgebases and question-answering systems, to development methodologies, query languages, triple stores and graph databases, NLP and other advanced topics.

Retail Transformation Design

In a unique partnership with creators of the National Retail Federation’s Association for Retail Technology Standards (“ARTS”), we connect strategy to business operations using a business architectural approach to guide strategy implementation using time-tested ARTS retail BPM process and XML data models. As a result, you can see how your strategy will change your business, allowing your execution teams to collaborate and avoid confusion and mission creep, manage progress and execution risk, and assess where technology will support your strategy and provide business value.

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