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Business Architecture Services

 Just as architects and mechanical engineers use blueprints and schematics to help them envision,plan, measure and change the systems on which they work, the business decision-maker must also have a blueprint of his or her business.  Such a blueprint is called a business architecture, and it functions a map for communicating, constructing, growing, repairing and transforming your business.  The business architecture makes the basic structure and function of the business visible and enables executives, managers and technologists to use a common language for planning and operating the business.  Business architecture makes it possible to:

  • realize strategy by aligning initiatives to more effectively deliver stakeholder value and outperform competition
  • design for business model changes and digital transformation
  • “debug” business failures
  • Anticipate and plan for structural change, such as merger or acquisition
  • Communicate among disparate business units
  • Align business strategy and technology strategy
Business architecture uses certain core concepts, common to all businesses, that provide powerful tools for business analysis and design.  This short set of slides walks though these core concepts — value, capability, information and organization — and shows how they align with other common strategic and technological frameworks for business planning and decision-making.

Thematix helps business leaders construct a blueprint of their business.  We help you map the value you provide to stakeholders, the capabilities you need to deliver that value, the organizations you rely on to provide the capabilities, and the information that glues the enterprise, its partners and customers together.

We focus on near-term “time-to-value” aspects of an architecture.  How can we use architecture in the next 3 to 9 months to help deliver the right product, on time and in budget?  How will it help the business address a new market?  How will it help achieve a strategy in a way that propagates all the way “down” the organization?   How will it guide management in using technology to transform itself?  How will it assist management in renovating the way it delivers value?

Business architecture is the means by which Thematix helps deliver:business architecture drives IT architecture

  • Strategic Plans for business transformation;
  • Business-IT Requirements that provide traceability from functional and data specifications to strategic objectives;
  • Digital Transformation blueprints, guiding the business from its as-is state to a to-be technological and organizational structure.

We are pleased to offer a free 1 hour consultation on the ways in which business architecture can be of use to your business in meeting its strategic and operational challenges. Call us or write us up to set up a time to talk.