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Though it has been around in various forms for a number of years, semantic technology — RDF, triple stores, ontologies, reasoners and the systems built upon them — is a new and powerful component of enterprise computing. We believe they are an essential part of the future of the internet and enterprise computing, and will be at least as formative as the web itself. We can help bring you up to speed with basic concepts as well as more advanced and recent developments. Our training sessions and seminars are designed for specific audiences, from executive management to advanced IT professionals. We accommodate all forms of training, from webinars to in-person, multi-day one-on-one or group seminars. We have specific materials and preparations for the following courses, but can adapt training to the specific needs of your organization:

Digital Transformation Roadmap

Understanding and defining business value creation and capability empowers greater success in all IT projects. This 3 hour, custom-designed seminar is designed to make executive management aware of the technology landscape and to identify how your business model can — or must — change in response to rapidly evolving digital technologies.

Business Architecture

A one-week seminar in the basics of Business Architecture, including: value stream, information, capability, organization and strategy mapping. A proper Business Architecture foundation enables organizations to better formulate technology requirements and change management initiatives. Thematix staff are founders and members of the Business Architecture Guild, the pre-eminent organization for Business Architecture methodologies.

Ontology 101

Built upon our “Ontology 101” presentation, this is a three-day seminar for groups or individuals, designed for the IT professional wishing to understand the essential principles of semantics and ontology development and deployment.  Expert advice and training specifically tailored to your needs, vision and business requirements. Initial conversations and scoping are free, so call or email us.  

Ontology Master Class

This is an advanced course in ontology development, walking through topics like modeling standards, methodologies, naming conventions, best practices and design patterns.

Applications and Tools

This 1/2 day long seminar is designed to provide a walk-through of open source and proprietary applications, frameworks and tools that support development of a semantic technology initiative. The audience will be system developers and IT professionals.

FIBO Applications

A one-day seminar in the basics of the Financial Industry Business Ontology, or “FIBO.”  FIBO is currently capable of modeling fundamental aspects of business organizations and core business concepts.  Over the course of 2014, it will enable firms to model operational and regulatory risk involved in financial instruments, such as swaps, derivatives and equities.  Firms that wish to understand how FIBO operates and what it is capable of, will be interested in our FIBO Applications seminar.

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