The Semantic Concierge Headlines OpenTravel Alliance Conference

May 14, 2012

Thematix was pleased to help facilitate a discussion among progressive travel providers at their recent annual OpenTravel Advisory Forum in Miami, Florida.

Deborah McGuinness, a Thematix affiliate, gave the keynote for the conference, entitled the Semantic Concierge, a vision for a near term travel future in which the traveler’s efforts to plan and coordinate their travel is augmented by smart technologies that understand context and intent.  As OpenTravel itself summarized,

Another hot topic at the event was semantic technologies. Dr. Deborah McGuinness from Renassaeler Polytechnic Institute presented a great overview of her work and how she envisions the application of semantic technologies could benefit travel companies and travelers. She gave an excellent case study from the wine industry of a mobile context-aware semantic wine advisor! Following her keynote, she participated in a panel discussion with Avis Budget, Amtrak and Thematix on a discussion of the practicalities and challenges of incorporating semantic technologies in the existing travel technology environment.

[More to come…]

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