Ontology 101 – a primer on semantic web technology

Jun 24, 2011

We have discovered no better introduction to knowledge representation, OWL and the semantic web than that provided by our own Elisa Kendall, in concert with Deborah McGuinness of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In this presentation — given 2 weeks ago at the Semantic Technology Conference in San Francisco — Elisa and Deborah build from simple concepts to the full complexity of OWL 2.0. Readers may also find that the presentation is an excellent reference work — an “OWL in a Nutshell” as it were.



If you would like a copy of this presentation for your own file system, please write us and let us know — we’d be happy to provide you one and promise not to badger you or share your information with anyone else, ever.

Of course, a slide presentation is only a sketch. If you want to really understand what is going on here, we will be giving the tutorial again, updated of course, at the Semantic Tech & Business Conference (semtech east), at the Kellogg Conference Hotel in Washington, D.C., November 29, 2011. See http://semtecheast2011.semanticweb.com/ for details.

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Thanks for uploading this Ontology 101 document. I am just starting to learn about knowledge representation and I would love to have a copy of this document.

Could you kindly provide me with a copy for download?

Many thanks


Hello Jedidiah — you (and others) can download the document here. Enjoy!


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