Jim Rhyne

Mr. Rhyne is skilled in a variety of application and data integration topics, in conceptual modeling and its application to business/IT architecture and in semantic technologies, including OWL, various reasoners, Sandpiper Software’s Visual Ontology Modeler, Protégé, Semantic MediaWiki, WordNet and FrameNet.

Rhyne’s experience includes IBM Worldwide Banking Center of Excellence, where he was CTO of this cross divisional organization, leading architecture project proposals for banks in China, Korea, Australia, US and Europe and consulted with banks in many other countries on IT modernization topics, including SOA, integration, master data management, application reengineering to components, parallelization. Mr. Rhyne was also CTO of IBM Software Group Enterprise Software, responsible for technical strategy for mainframe targeted middleware and tools, specifically CICS, WebSphere for zOS, WebSphere Studio Enterprise Developer, COBOL, PL/I and mainframe testing and debugging tools. Rhyne led the creation of XML and web services support for these middlewares and tools and introduced event processing support for CICS. Rhyne held the title of Distinguished Engineer, a D level technical executive rank.

Rhyne was senior engineer for IBM Software GroupWebSphere Application Server, responsible for programming model and tools, and was an active contributor to J2EE and OMG CORBA specifications. Rhyne has a number of software patents and disclosures, including a patent for an application of semantic technology to financial product selection.

Mr. Rhyne has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin and specializes in computational linguistics, theoretical linguistics, and artificial intelligence.