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Architecture de novo

INTRODUCTION: USING BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE TO DESIGN A STARTUP Business startup culture has always been contrarian and proudly unorthodox, embracing “disruption” as a first virtue and citing Schumpeter’s “creative destruction” as the essence of modern capitalism.[1]  Many veterans of startups will tell you that their business happened organically, as an outgrowth of a central idea, insight or vision and that had

Ontology 101 – a primer on semantic web technology

We have discovered no better introduction to knowledge representation, OWL and the semantic web than that provided by our own Elisa Kendall, in concert with Deborah McGuinness of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In this presentation — given 2 weeks ago at the Semantic Technology Conference in San Francisco — Elisa and Deborah build from simple concepts to the full complexity of

San Francisco Semantics

Thematix partners will be in attendance at the Semantic Technology Conference in San Francisco, from June 5 (tomorrow, by this post’s date) through June 9.   It is an inherently fascinating conference, which spans interests from the academic and intellectual to the pragmatic and business-focused. Thematix has four separate presentations that might be of interest (themselves having a broad span

Our Favorite Ontologist

Thematix’s own Elisa Kendall was interviewed by in anticipation of the upcoming Semtech conference in San Francisco,where Elisa and Robert Kost (also of Thematix) will both be speaking.   The SemanticWeb article has much to say, but the bottom line was expressed well by Elisa: “There really is a lot happening, not only at OMG but generally, and what’s