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Though Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex are quick to point out the search engine optimization benefits of SCHEMA.ORG markup, we have yet to see applications that consume Schema markup and use it in interesting and useful ways.  One possible exception: a Custom Search Application provided by Google that enables a webmaster (such as Thematix) to provide an on-site search engine,

A Meta-Discussion about

[this is a re-post of a recent note to the group, concerned with building up the vocabulary.  We welcome your comments below.] I would like to join or start a different kind of conversation about Although I follow with great interest and sincere appreciation most of the threads here concerning proposals for the extension and improvement of

The End of the Website

We often mistake the accidental for the essential.  We assume that, because something is a certain way that it had to be that way.  It seems natural and commonplace – a part of the settled order of things. Take, for example, the webpage, the website and the web search. The spatial metaphors of a website being a “destination” that I

Concerning Hummingbird

We have seen that is of distinct importance to enhanced SEO efforts. As if to drive the point home, Google’s recent “Hummingbird” announcement is that of a “complete replacement” of the core of what they’re doing with search (see “90% change by Google” is nothing to sneeze at“) With one fell swoop, they’ve just changed the game …  from

Time for travel companies to say what they mean to Google

[This article was originally published in Tnooz on August 1, 2012] A year ago, Google, Bing (Microsoft) and Yahoo announced a taxonomy that would allow webpages to self-describe their content. This, it was hoped, would help produce more accurate, specific and relevant search engine results. Unfortunately, does not support anything specific to hotels or other travel suppliers, so their ability to make the offerings