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Thematix at Semtech 2014

  In two weeks (August 18 to 21), we begin our annual migratory journey to the Semantic Technology and Business Conference, this year in San Jose, California, to share our recent experience and to enjoy many meaningful conversations with our fellow semantic technologists   Below are some summaries of our various presentations.  For more detail, please see the conference agenda.  We’d enjoy the opportunity to

Ontology 101 – an introduction to Semantic Technology

Elisa Kendall and Deborah McGuinness presented our perennial favorite at this year’s New York Semantic Technology & Business Conference: Ontology 101. As the title suggests, it is an introduction to the subject of ontology in computer science. It is very comprehensive, yet it has considerable depth as well and provides a number of “ah hah” moments as one moves through.

The Semantic Concierge Headlines OpenTravel Alliance Conference

Thematix was pleased to help facilitate a discussion among progressive travel providers at their recent annual OpenTravel Advisory Forum in Miami, Florida. Deborah McGuinness, a Thematix affiliate, gave the keynote for the conference, entitled the Semantic Concierge, a vision for a near term travel future in which the traveler’s efforts to plan and coordinate their travel is augmented by smart

Ontology 101 – a primer on semantic web technology

We have discovered no better introduction to knowledge representation, OWL and the semantic web than that provided by our own Elisa Kendall, in concert with Deborah McGuinness of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In this presentation — given 2 weeks ago at the Semantic Technology Conference in San Francisco — Elisa and Deborah build from simple concepts to the full complexity of

Thematix and Avis Present at Semantic Technology Conference

Buddy Altus of the Avis Budget Group, and Robert Kost of Thematix, shared observations concerning the roles of Semantics in Travel Distribution and Marketing. The presentation, which was limited to 25 minutes, was the first from a participant in the travel industry. We believe that it explored some very interesting ‘product space,’ and is in any event somewhat thought-provoking. Semtech