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A “Rosetta Stone for Data”

The Rosetta Stone was discovered by soldiers in Napoleon’s army at the end of the 18th Century. It memorializes a decree by King Ptolemy, from 4th Century upper Egypt, in Greek, demotic and hieroglyphic — enabling latter day archaeologists and linguists to decode the latter two languages by virtue of the knowledge of the former. Here in the 21st Century, an

The End of the Website

We often mistake the accidental for the essential.  We assume that, because something is a certain way that it had to be that way.  It seems natural and commonplace – a part of the settled order of things. Take, for example, the webpage, the website and the web search. The spatial metaphors of a website being a “destination” that I

FIBO Summit at Semtech

Elisa Kendall, a Partner at Thematix, will be leading a discussion about FIBO at the FIBO Technology Summit  on June 5 in San Francisco.  The event happens concurrently with the Semantic Technology and Business Conference, and is housed within it.  The FIBO Technology Summit is an industry-only event attended by many stakeholders in the financial, semantic technologies and services, and academic communities. Elisa has

Thematix and IBM: Mapping SVBR to OWL

  Elisa Kendall , Partner at Thematix, and Mark Linehan of IBM Research have authored a proposed mapping of the Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Rules (“SVBR”) to OWL2. The work is significant, insofar as a growing number of large businesses are increasingly relying on SVBR to describe their business processes.  The OWL version will simplify the process of description

Ontology 101 – an introduction to Semantic Technology

Elisa Kendall and Deborah McGuinness presented our perennial favorite at this year’s New York Semantic Technology & Business Conference: Ontology 101. As the title suggests, it is an introduction to the subject of ontology in computer science. It is very comprehensive, yet it has considerable depth as well and provides a number of “ah hah” moments as one moves through.