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Business Architecture Survey

This 2016 Business Architecture Survey General Findings Report is written in collaboration by Whynde Kuehn, Partner at Business Architecture Associates, Robert Kost, Partner at Thematix, Daniel Lambert, Vice-President at Benchmark (IRIS Business Architect), Alain Picard, Chief Technology Officer at Benchmark (IRIS Business Architect), Larry Smith, Partner at Thematix, and William Ulrich, Partner at Business Architecture Associates. From October 4 to

A Little Nostalgia

This time of year is always busy for everyone, and the December OMG Technical Meeting always comes in the middle of holiday preparations, making matters even more challenging. Nonetheless, on Monday afternoon, while attempting to get online as our architecture board session was getting started, I noticed the Google Doodle honoring Grace Hopper’s birthday. It brought a smile, thinking of

A Semantic Personality

[The following article was written by Thematix partner Larry Smith and first appeared in Tnooz on December 8, 2011] It took me about 15 years from when I started travelling for business and pleasure to appreciate the value of a professional travel agent.  In 1979 as a junior MadMan. I relied upon secretaries and expense accounts for guidance, while personal

The Wandering Meme

Steve Rubel is "Director of Insights" at Edelman Digital. (Now, that’s an interesting job title!) It appears that Steve’s job is to track ideas as they come to the surface in the ordinary world of commerce. Watch his eyes light up as he cites the Semantic Web as an instance of a truly transformational technology. My only criticisms are that

Our Favorite Ontologist

Thematix’s own Elisa Kendall was interviewed by in anticipation of the upcoming Semtech conference in San Francisco,where Elisa and Robert Kost (also of Thematix) will both be speaking.   The SemanticWeb article has much to say, but the bottom line was expressed well by Elisa: “There really is a lot happening, not only at OMG but generally, and what’s