Budding Semantics

Aug 29, 2011

There is a tendency of technologists — particularly those in semantic technology — to allow their infatuation with the technology to obscure its real value and its employment in the " Real World ".

It is indeed elegant technology, but I find the budding variety of Real World applications even more compelling. There is, of course Wolfram-Alpha and Siri (now owned by Apple), both in new and exciting territory, but they are to a degree old news.

I just discovered Yummly and remembered what is so inspiring about this technology. Yummly is recipe search and browse, but with a strong semantic twist to it — allowing you simply to do things you never could have done before. Looking for a spicy recipe that uses capers, that has a strong savory component, that is gluten and seafood free, less than 2mg of cholesterol and cooks in under 60 minutes? Mediterranean Chicken may be just the thing.

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