The Business Architecture Core Metamodel (BACM) is issued by the OMG as a beta specification

The work on this specification began in 2017 and the beta specification is published on the Object Management Group site, on

Ontology Engineering Book Club

Join authors Deborah McGuinness and Elisa Kendall for the next KGC Book Club for Ontology Engineering. It will be a live and

Thematix Architecture for Business

On May 4th, Thematix presented its short course in business architecture for enterprise architects, business analysts and strategists. Whether you were able

Using the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO): A Use-Case Driven Cooks Tour

This presentation was given by our Partner, Elisa Kendall, at the Knowledge Graph Conference 2020. Elisa is the principal ontologist behind the

Retail at Speed: Unified Commerce and the Olympian Perspective

Just as a building architect’s schematic shows a common picture of the basic elements of a large and complex edifice, a business

Add Business Process Architecture to your Business Architecture toolbox

Analyzing and improving business processes is a fundamental practice of business analysts, but until recently, the role of business process modeling and

Empowering the Retailer through Business Architecture

The National Retail Federation is expecting a strong holiday season for 2019.  That’s good news for retailers who have for years struggled with profound

Retail at Speed: Using Business Architecture to Enable “Clienteling”

Clienteling makes customers happier and sales associates smarter. Much like Unified Commerce, a global “360° View” of your customer Client requires marshaling data from multiple internal and

Retail at Speed: from founding to the future of technical standards

Now more than ever, the retail industry must be built for speed. In the past, a brilliant strategy enabled success and growth.

Organizing your business architectures with Business Architecture

A business of any size will have invested in creating models of business structure (e.g. organization charts, application portfolios) and behavior (e.g.

Thematix Creates Unique Alliance with SDLC Partners

Empowering Organizations to Accelerate Performance through Smarter Solutions SDLC Partners and Thematix have announced a unique alliance to marry strategic consulting with technology solutions to

Architecture de novo

INTRODUCTION: USING BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE TO DESIGN A STARTUP Business startup culture has always been contrarian and proudly unorthodox, embracing “disruption” as a

Aligning Innovation

Digital Transformation is difficult because it affects everyone and everything in the company. Business Architecture lets you create a model and an

Picture This

“We picture facts to ourselves….A picture is a model of reality….A picture is a fact.” – Wittgenstein It is striking that business

Become a Certified Business Architect®

Showing up is 80% of life. — Woody Allen Thematix is building on its considerable experience developing and teaching business architecture to offer an online

Business Architectural Reflections – 5th Annual Innovation Summit

I’m a week out of the 5th Annual Business Architecture Innovation Summit & Business Architecture Reference Model Workshop and may now have enough

Architecture of Change Redux

“The concepts of business architecture offer generative abstractions.  They are among the most well-developed and universal of business abstractions, useful and comprehensible across

Business Architecture Survey

This 2016 Business Architecture Survey General Findings Report is written in collaboration by Whynde Kuehn, Partner at Business Architecture Associates, Robert Kost,

The Architecture of Change – Part 3

The Architecture of Change; business architecture and the meaning of Digital Transformation               Figure 1: Wave of the Future.  Image from “Wave

The Architecture of Change – Part 2

Business architecture and the meaning of Digital Transformation Figure 1: Subway Abstract.  Copyright 1972 Massimo Vignelli [This is Part 2 of a

The Architecture of Change – Part 1

Business architecture and the meaning of Digital Transformation  Figure 1: Fish to Fowl, ‘Class’ Transformation   [This is Part 1 of a

Marketing Technology Roadmap: Start Here

Technology has found a new home in the Marketing Department. And it’s a mess. Scott Brinker published the chart above in


Thematix Partner Jim Rhyne, a founder and co-creator of the Business Architecture Guild‘s core specifications, has been awarded the right to proudly display this

A “Rosetta Stone for Data”

The Rosetta Stone was discovered by soldiers in Napoleon’s army at the end of the 18th Century. It memorializes a decree by King “Consumer” Apps

Though Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex are quick to point out the search engine optimization benefits of SCHEMA.ORG markup, we have yet

Thematix at Semtech 2014

  In two weeks (August 18 to 21), we begin our annual migratory journey to the Semantic Technology and Business Conference, this year in

A Meta-Discussion about

[this is a re-post of a recent note to the group, concerned with building up the vocabulary.  We welcome your

The End of the Website

We often mistake the accidental for the essential.  We assume that, because something is a certain way that it had to be

A Little Nostalgia

This time of year is always busy for everyone, and the December OMG Technical Meeting always comes in the middle of holiday

Concerning Hummingbird

We have seen that is of distinct importance to enhanced SEO efforts. As if to drive the point home, Google’s recent

Thematix Teams with AKSW

  Thematix and the Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web group at University of Leipzig are partnering to make RDFaCE — the

FIBO Summit at Semtech

Elisa Kendall, a Partner at Thematix, will be leading a discussion about FIBO at the FIBO Technology Summit  on June 5 in San Francisco.  The event

There are many variations

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Thematix and IBM: Mapping SVBR to OWL

  Elisa Kendall , Partner at Thematix, and Mark Linehan of IBM Research have authored a proposed mapping of the Semantics of

Gantry v4 Overview

The fourth generation of Gantry introduces a selection of new and desirable features to its arsenal, such as a responsive layout. Gantry

Ontology 101 – an introduction to Semantic Technology

Elisa Kendall and Deborah McGuinness presented our perennial favorite at this year’s New York Semantic Technology & Business Conference: Ontology 101. As

Time for travel companies to say what they mean to Google

[This article was originally published in Tnooz on August 1, 2012] A year ago, Google, Bing (Microsoft) and Yahoo announced a taxonomy that would allow webpages to

Thematix Releases Draft Extensions to

Thematix has released a draft of extensions to that would enable hoteliers to better describe their offerings to search engines.  The

Wolfram Alpha Toy

So, here’s one of the many Wolfram-Alpha Widgets, this a bit less constrained than some other single-purpose widgets:      

The Semantic Concierge Headlines OpenTravel Alliance Conference

Thematix was pleased to help facilitate a discussion among progressive travel providers at their recent annual OpenTravel Advisory Forum in Miami, Florida.

Semantically Dynamic Hotels

[This post by Thematix Partner Larry Smith originally appeared in Tnooz on February 28, 2012] A hotel is dynamic — a veritable

XML Travel Schema and Ontology

[This post originally appeared as “Why you need to care about travel technology, semantic web and ontology“ in the January 3, 2012 edition

A Semantic Personality

[The following article was written by Thematix partner Larry Smith and first appeared in Tnooz on December 8, 2011] It took me

In the Schema of Things

[As published on October 11, 2011 in Tnooz] In June of this year, Google, Bing and Yahoo jointly announced – with little

Semantic Technology and the Travel Shopping Experience

Republished here in its entirety is the latest article published in Tnooz by Thematix’s Larry Smith In a previous Tnooz article I

The Wandering Meme

Steve Rubel is “Director of Insights” at Edelman Digital. (Now, that’s an interesting job title!) It appears that Steve’s job is to

Budding Semantics

There is a tendency of technologists — particularly those in semantic technology — to allow their infatuation with the technology to obscure

Building the Roads We are Driving Upon

THEMATIX is building the roads as it drives on them. We (in the person of Elisa Kendall) will join the fray at

Ontology 101 – a primer on semantic web technology

We have discovered no better introduction to knowledge representation, OWL and the semantic web than that provided by our own Elisa Kendall,

Thematix and Avis Present at Semantic Technology Conference

Buddy Altus of the Avis Budget Group, and Robert Kost of Thematix, shared observations concerning the roles of Semantics in Travel Distribution

San Francisco Semantics

Thematix partners will be in attendance at the Semantic Technology Conference in San Francisco, from June 5 (tomorrow, by this post’s date)

Our Favorite Ontologist

Thematix’s own Elisa Kendall was interviewed by in anticipation of the upcoming Semtech conference in San Francisco,where Elisa and Robert Kost


The TED Conference produces many exceptional ideas worth sharing and the one by Rory Sutherland explaining “intangible value” could be a beacon