Certified Business Architect® Training Course

The Thematix CBA Training course is designed to prepare you to take the CBA ® Exam. It is crafted to comprehensively cover the entire 663 page Business Architecture Body of Knowledge (BIZBOK), yet focus your learning on the essential concepts you will need to master for the exam. All courses include conceptual instruction, practice-oriented application and periodic assessments to help you monitor your progress. By supplementing your reading of BIZBOK with a lecture, workshop and assessment curriculum, you should develop the confidence and competence sufficient to pass the CBA Exam.


Jim Rhyne is a co-founder of, and serves on the Board of Directors for, the Business Architecture Guild.  Robert Kost is a digital transformation specialist and a Certified Business Architect.  Both Jim and Rob are experienced instructors and have developed and delivered this course in professional settings.  See Become a Certified Business Architect for more information about the course, its instructors and what makes it uniquely valuable.


In preparation for the CBA Exam, you will learn about:business architecture drives IT architecture

  • Foundational Concepts
  • Core Mapping Knowledge
  • Extended Mapping Knowledge
  • Alignment with Related Business Disciplines
  • Performance Analysis
  • The Role and Purpose
  • Governance
  • IT Architecture Alignment
  • Situation & Scenario Usage

Thematix offers three options for training:


In the convenience of your facility, we provide an intensive, 5 day, 20 hour immersion into business architecture concepts and their application to help you pass the CBA test. Maximum 20 students.  This is ideal for the company adopting architecture practices across business units.  Our fee is $20,000; travel expenses for 2 instructors are additional.


We’ll mutually agree upon a schedule to provide 20 hours of online training over a 1 – 8 week period; for example one hour per day for 20 days. The fee is $15,000 for a maximum of 20 students.


Our open enrollment program is for individuals at the affordable rate of $1,500 for 20 hours of training.  Exact dates are subject to attendance. Courses include both live online instruction and pre-recorded, self-paced online instruction. Individual tutorial time is also available at additional cost.

Executive Briefing

Thematix provides a 2 hour executive briefing on the value of and uses for business architecture for management. Intended for members of senior management, the briefing focuses on business architecture scenarios such as Digital Transformation and Business-IT Alignment and describes how to create a business architecture capability inside of the enterprise. The fee is $2000. Travel expenses for 2 instructors are additional.

Please complete the following form, or feel free to call at 917-275-7343.  Or, direct message us at: https://twitter.com/thematixpartner