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A Service offered by a LodgingBusiness; examples include dry cleaning, bellhop services, concierge services, in-room dining, basic and high-speed wireless or wired internet access, shuttle services, and so forth.
PropertyExpected TypeDescription
Properties from Thing
description Text A short description of the item.
image URL URL of an image of the item.
name Text The name of the item.
url URL URL of the item.

Example 1

Original HTML:

  1. <div>
  2. <p>The Sunshine Hotel offers a free shuttle bus to the airport and on-site dry cleaning.</p>
  3. </div>

With Microdata:
  1. <div itemscope itemtype="">

  2. <p><span itemprop="name">The Sunshine Hotel</span> offers a <span itemprop="offersService" itemscope
  3. itemtype=""><span itemprop="name">free shuttle bus</span> to
  4. the airport and <span itemprop="name">on-site dry cleaning</span></span>.

  5. </div>