Index to Extensions

This ontology represents an initial recommendation for extending to support lodging businesses. It represents work Thematix has successfully used to improve search for several hotel chain franchise operations, but is subject to change based on evolving requirements and feedback from operational deployments. For background, you may wish to read our "Open Letter" to hoteliers concerning these extensions

All extensions refer to URLs at, except where entities already exist at These extensions are not endorsed or accepted by However they will validate at the Google Rich Snippets tester and will not "break" the web page. Thematix stands ready to assist you with these extensions, with markup or other semantic consulting and development.

The new, proposed Types are as follows

As part of the extension process, we have introduced a number of new properties. Some of these are defined in the above type definitions; others are proposed new properties whose domain is existing types. These new properties are as follows:

  • hasAmenity. This property's domain is LocalBusiness or Product. Its range is Amenity. "hasAmenity" is a property relating a product or business to a feature considered an amenity. The choice of "product" as a domain of amenity is based on its dictionary definition as "being or having a quality of pleasantness or desirability. It's usual application is as applied to a place or a piece of property".
  • hasLodgingProvider. This property's domain is Room. Its range is LodgingBusiness. It identifies the specific lodging business, such as a specific local hotel providing the lodging, such as Hyatt Regency Cambridge or Anaheim Hilton.
  • hasRentalDuration. This property's domain is RentalRate. Its range is Duration. It describes the duration of the rental.
  • hasRentalRate. This property's domain is RentalOffer. Its range is RentalRate. It links the rental offer to a rate specific to the date and duration of interest.
  • hasRentalRateFeature. This property's domain is RentalRate. It is a string. It serves to describe a feature, amenity or service associated specifically with the combination of the offer and rate. For example, to limit the availability of the rate to certain guests (retirees, service personnel, etc.)
  • hasRoomType. This property's domain is Room. Its range is RoomType. It describes the type of room in a lodging business or other building, such as Twin, King, Double, Suite, Meeting Room, Ballroom, Fitness Center, Health Club, Spa, etc.
  • offersService. This property's domain is Organization. Its range is Service. "offersService" is a property relating an organization to a service offered.

We are also making available an OWL file that represents the above extensions in the web ontology language. Note that certain accommodations had to be made to accurately reflect the intent of; for example, string and decimal are explicitly declared as types in order to keep the ontology consistent. Also, the file imports and the SKOS core at

Finally, we are indebted to our friend Zack Flannick, who has created a Hotel Extensions microdata generator at his excellent Microdata Generator site. It is a great tool for the webmaster who is just getting started learning about and wants to instantly produce usable markup. Thanks Zack!!